When that chair-bumping cutie tells you to meet her under tower three at midnight, you're not gonna say no, even if it takes you two hours to walk there. The hike will go by in no time, though, when you're tramping up the hill in the Swift Puffy Down Jacket, practicing your best lines, hoping your mustache is properly twirled, and wondering if your pants are too tight (Or what if they're not tight enough?). It's a lot to worry about, but at least you'll be warm in the down-filled Swift, which combines a quilted nylon shell, printed polyester taffeta lining, and 8K waterproof and 10K breathable coating to keep you feeling like a boss on cold nights like this.

It's getting a little swampy as you hike, but the Swift's mesh-lined pit zips have you covered. Just pop them open for a shot of cool air, flip back the hood, and pick up the pace, because it's 10 minutes to midnight and you're only at tower one. Maybe you're a little nervous, too, but that's why you stashed some liquid courage in the internal pocket have a sip, and once you're feeling braver you can knock out the last few hundred yards, find a good spot to post up, and figure out which combination of waiting pose and opening line is going to make you look the coolest.

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