We got tired of looking like we were dressed to summit K2 when we were just grabbing a burger after a day of tearing up Jackson Hole, so we designed the Linux Denim Synthetic Down Jacket to throw down plenty of warmth, water resistance, and around-town comfort in a smooth, casual package that looks and works better on the way to the Mangy Moose than it does traversing Himalayan glaciers or Alaskan ridgelines. With a shell made of cotton denim and a printed polyester taffeta lining, it rocks a low-key, bar-ready look that belies how well-designed it actually is.

The Linux is mellow enough that, if you were looking at it through beer goggles, you probably wouldn't even recognize that it's a quilted, insulated jacket and not just a puffy shirt. We've given it a 5K water-resistant and 8K breathable coating to keep the synthetic cotton rayon insulation dry and warm when the beer starts flying, and even built in mesh-lined pit zips to cool you down when you're showing everybody how to handle the mechanical bull (it's all in the thighs). When common sense takes over and tells you it's time to head home, stash your bull-riding winnings in the inside pocket for safekeeping and stumble gracefully back to your bed so you can rest up and get after it again tomorrow.

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