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Parker Cook


champion arm wrestler

Parker is a multi-talented dude that crushes skiing and metal work. He started his own custom furniture company,, his other sponsors include Coalatree, Obermeyer and Bern. The dude is an imperative piece of Discrete’s success and we’re honored Discrete is in Parker’s DNA. He was part of Team Discrete’s back to back People’s Choice winning video from SKIING magazine for La Parva, Chile’s Eye Of The Condor competition.  Plus he somehow always has a beer in his pack when he hikes to epic summits.

Dafs Baselayer


1.) When and where did you learn to ski? Who did you learn from?

I've been skiing since I was 2 years old. My pops was on patrol at Park West for most of the 1980's (the glory days of skiing). I was basically a patrol kid. I rolled everywhere with him. It was rad. I kinda did whatever I wanted. I thought it was like my own mountain.

2.) What has been your most memorable moment so far?

My most memorable moment.. Ever? Probably the day I was born. It was awesome.

3.) How did you start Parker Cook Design?

Parker Cook Design is a custom furniture business I started back 2010. It all started with an attempt at building an all iron dining table for a local furniture shop in Salt Lake. I unknowingly tapped into a part of myself that I had know idea existed. The creation process and the challenge of bringing sketches to life is a driving force in who I am these days. I truly love it. It's now been 4 years and you can see my work sprinkled around the valley in bars, restaurants, hotels, and homes.

4.) Favorite mountain to shred?

I'm pretty damn partial to Alta and The Bird but I'm game for anywhere that's covered in snow.

5.) Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

IG - Top Picks .. Cory Richards (Nat Geo Photog) / FuckJerry / TheFatJewish / JulianCarr / Thrasher / Powder / Evil Knievel - I really enjoy instagram, I like thats it's no bullshit and just pictures. I don't want to hear an extended copy of blah blah blah. I just want to see rad things. It's also a great resource for networking for my business. I've got fellow IG friends that I've never met but we're interested in the same things like skiing and furniture design.. Kinda weird but kinda rad at the same time. Life is a trip in 2014.

6.) 20 years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

In 20 years.. I hope people in little cottonwood have respect for us. Not that we're looking for or doing this for respect. I just feel like different generations throw down and that needs to be celebrated. You need to have respect for the elders, like Carlo Travarelli and Ben Wheeler. People give everything running these lines and stepping to gnarly airs. Buy a guy a drink once in awhile for hells sake.

7.) Which athletes did you admire most growing up, and who do you look up to now?

Shane McConkey hands down. He was the first pro I really knew about beyond the wild styles of the early early badasses like Plake and Schmidt. I can even remember they day I decided I wanted to ski like McConkey. The dude changed the way I thought about what can be done!! Nowa days.. Shit.. there's so much talent out there. I guess I still look up to guys like Candide though. The youth pretty much slays these days. You can't throw a rock and not hit an 18 year old super ripper pro in Little Cottonwood.

8.) Sponsors?

Icelantic Skis Bern Helemts Discrete Clothing Obermeyer Coalatree Char Poles POW Gloves Alta Snowbird